Vaping a bad coil not only tastes terrible, but it could also actually expose you to consuming harmful heavy metals. With that being said, it’s something you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Now you might be wondering, how would I even know if my vape coil has gone bad in the first place?

That’s a great question and an important one that every vaper should know the answer to.

In today’s guide, we’ll help shed some light on this crucial question and more!

Let’s dive in.

How to Tell If Your Vape Goil Has Gone Bad

As we mentioned, it can not only be unpleasurable to vape on a bad coil, it can also be potentially dangerous.

While there are a few obvious signs that your vape coil has gone bad, sometimes, the signs aren’t so clear.

If you’re not sure how to tell if your vape coil has gone bad, here are 5 tell-tale signs of a bad vape coil:

1. When Your Vaping, You Hear Strange “Gurgling” Sounds

One of the most obvious telltale signs of a bad coil is hearing weird gurgling sounds when you’re vaping.

These noises can seem like a gurgle, slurping, or choked breath when you inhale. I understand, I understand, this sounds graphic. Once you hear this sound, you’ll become very aware of it when you hear it again! It’s definitely quite unique.

This sound generally happens towards the end of the coil’s beneficial life. It happens since the juice gets so clogged within the coil and it solidifies, hence preventing new e-liquid from easily moving through the cotton. It’s the same as trying to drink through a straw that has a partial clog (think frozen coffee drinks and a chunk of shaved ice gets stuck halfway in the straw). This noise does not take place extremely frequently, but you’ll recognize it instantly as a reason your coil might require altering. I understand it’s the season of Halloween, however, I wouldn’t call Ghostbusters just! This gross gurgling noise may not be your coil’s fault, however make certain to have a look at your coil prior to choosing to buy a brand brand-new vape device.

2. Your Vape Device Displays An Error Message Regarding Your Atomizer

I’ve had the enjoyment of installing a brand brand-new coil before, wicking it, and filling my tank, just to see a warning message on my screen. Approved, I’ve just seen this message perhaps once every year approximately. It’s still frustrating to be ready for a new hit from a fresh coil and be denied by an aggravating display screen message. The majority of the time, this can be fixed by simply tightening up the coil. However, if your coil is tight which message still shows, chances are you have a malfunctioning coil right out of the package! I typically toss away that coil and grab a new one.

Considering that a lot of coils last me about a month and there are three coils in my pack, I usually do not care to get in touch with the producer or website I bought from. If you feel that you should have a refund or replacement coil, you can connect to your point of purchase to resolve the concern. Remember, you’ll most likely need to return the defective coil together with the remainder of the pack that does work, so make sure you have other coils to use while the defective pack gets sent outback.

3. Your Go-To Vape Juice Doesn’t Taste the Same

I’m a bit persistent when it pertains to altering coils since I like to get the optimum quantity of use with each of my coils.

I likewise have a bad practice of altering e-liquids every five fill-ups or so, which approximately corresponds to a brand-new taste every other day. This puts my coil through a fair bit of e-liquid in a month. Towards completion of the 2nd week, I make a unique note on how e-liquids taste. I keep in mind that I’ll have to change it soon if my existing vape juice begins to taste various.

Towards the end of the third week, I’ll break out among my favorite e-liquids–Juice Head Blueberry Lemon, for example. The reason I do this is to compare the flavor produced with the normal flavor I’m used to.

If there is a noticeable difference in the quality of flavor with an eliquid I am very familiar with, then I can be fairly certain my coil needs to be replaced.

4. Your Device is Producing Noticeably Less Clouds

When you initially start vaping on a new coil, the cloud production is whatever you dreamed of. Pleasantly flavored clouds, courtesy of your preferred vape juice, in addition to huge puffy clouds that simply make your day much better. If your coil is reaching the end of its beneficial life, your cloud production will become less and less. You may even discover yourself taking more frequent hits simply to get a strong flavor or satisfying nicotine kick. This is particularly real if you vape frequently throughout the day. Due to the fact that every vaper is various, there isn’t a precise timeframe for the anticipated life expectancy of a coil. If you vape constantly throughout the day, you can expect your coil to last anywhere from a week to a month.

Utilizing several e-liquid tastes on the same coil definitely impacts the durability of your coil’s life, but it’s extremely challenging to withstand the call of a new e-liquid after the first couple of tank refills. Your coil can last you for rather a while if you only vape periodically. If you go months without vaping, your coil will get stopped up and you’ll require to alter the coil to a fresh one to get the finest use out of your vape. E-juice is a liquid and can get stuck in the coil’s cotton due to sitting for so long without being utilized.

5. Your Tank Starts to Leak

There are really a number of reasons your vape tank might be leaking: a malfunctioning O-ring, an overfilled tank, and even laying the vape device on its side. However, if you’ve been using the very same vape coil for a while, the possibilities are it’s your coil that’s causing the leaking. A defective coil won’t have the ability to wick the e-liquid effectively, hence causing leaks through your tank’s airflow holes. Often this is due to a coil not being completely screwed in. Once you verify that your tank still leakages after tightening the coil, you can securely presume your coil needs to be replaced. I’ve actually had this take place prior to and not realize that my coil was triggering my tank to leakage. Due to the fact that I overfilled the tank or some other insignificant factor, I constantly believed it was. Ensure you inspect out all of the possible factors your tank might be leaking prior to taking apart your gadget to get rid of the coil.

Final Thoughts

Like anything in life, when you notice something’s off, it probably is. By being aware of the signs, you can usually trace them back to the root of the problem. If you notice the signs of a bad vape coil, there’s a good chance that it needs to be replaced.

Thanks for reading our guide. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!