WARNING: This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Dear Streamline Vape Customers,

Over the last few weeks our industry has come under attack via President Trump, the media, and state & local politicians. Although President Trump came out the next couple days in support of vapor products, the damage had already been done. The problem being addressed is strictly a result of illicit & illegal THC products. We are deeply saddened and upset about the lung related illnesses due to illegal THC products, but these products do not have anything to do with our nicotine-based e-liquid products. The misinformation regarding our industry must be combated immediately.

Streamline Vape Co does not manufacture or distribute any THC products or use any diluting agents such as Vitamin E acetate in its e-liquid. We manufacture only nicotine e-liquid products.

We plan to continue to support our industry with quality vapor products that help get smokers off combustible tobacco. Our commitment to product excellence and quality for our customers will always be our primary goal as we move forward.

We will continue to make donations as members of the VTA for the past 2 years and recent donations made to the AVA to help make sure our incredible industry has a strong voice and representation in both the media and government. Awareness and education are of vital importance if we are to change the public perception of adult only vapor products. This is where we all can do our individual parts by spreading the message and contact our state & local officials to give the correct perception of our industry. We know through studies that adults like flavors, and the use of vapor products across the US and the world alike has been a lifesaving technology. We are fighting for that right to have products on the market that have helped millions of smokers get off cigarettes and other tobacco products.

We believe that President Trump and other elected officials will come to a reasonable understanding regarding vapor products, their view of the industry, and the current regulations on vapor products. In the last week certain media networks have begun releasing more a positive outlook on our industry and the negative impact a potential flavor ban will have on ex-smokers and the industry. We need to be vigilant in fighting against this kind of wrongful legislation as well as continue to conduct business for our consumers, retailers, and distribution partners. If we give into the media & headlines the only ones this hurt is ourselves and the customers who purchase our products. The continued business helps ensure we have funding available to fight for your right to use adult-only vapor products. We will continue to do our part and we encourage each of you to do yours. We must all come together to fight this! There are 14,000 businesses who support 500 other industries, 166,000 jobs, $24.9 Billion economic impact, $7 Billion in wages, $4.95 Billion in taxes which are all at risk if we do not band together on a unified front. Stay vigilant!

From everyone here at Streamline Vape Co. we thank you for your continued support.


Patrick Mulcahy